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Pet Policy The Caribbean Court Beach Resort

The Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel has four pet-friendly rooms available; 
Room 111, Room 114, Room 115, and Room 311.


All reservations that include pets must get prior approval from the hotel at the time the reservation is made;
for approval, questions, comments, or concerns please call 772-231-7211. 

Upon checking in guests must sign an agreement stating that $250.00 will be assessed to their room if there are any damages or disturbances.  Provided by you, the guest. This deposit shall be refunded at the end of the guest and pet's stay; nevertheless, the hotel may choose to asses a fee out of the deposit for a number of reasons.: 

• Evidence of waste (urine or feces) anywhere within the room (floor, bedding, etc.); 
• Evidence of chewing or clawing anywhere within the room (floor, bedding, etc.); 
• Any noise issue that disturbs another guest in-house 
• Any damaged Hotel property including linens, furniture, rugs, etc. 

Our guests select The Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel to relax while on vacation. We love pets and accommodating guests with pets but want to make sure that any guests bringing pets refrain from imposing on the quiet enjoyment of our other patrons. 

If we receive notice that a pet has been left alone in a room, or if another guest complains about a nuisance caused by a pet in-house we will attempt to contact you before entering the room. 

If any pet is left unsupervised or if a pet is disturbing any other hotel guests we reserve the right to collect a sum necessary to make the complaining guest whole. We have had guests with pets for a number of years; the majority of the time without incident. However, we have had situations where a pet disturbance has required us to reimburse a disturbed guest for their entire room rate and, in turn, had to charge a guests’ pet deposit for this amount. 

We look forward to your stay and to any comments or questions that you might have.

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